May 30th 2016
Reflection 4

On Thursday we finally have a idea for action!!! So when we go shopping we will make a list of brands that have to do with farm animals. Then we reaserching deeply in the brands to see if the animals get treated well if they don’t we will keep searching for a brand that dose take good care of there animals.Once we find good brands we will spread awareness about those brands.If we are lucky they might even sponsore us. I like the idea but if a brand doesn’t treat there animals well they would just lie to us.I think that with our mentors help we will come up with something .

Yuvraj is on task much more often . Now he use is his skills to help the group for example he doesn’t distract anyone and types the speed of lightning.Linus is helping allot because he is probably the best at communicating and is always on task.Im going to be encharge of checking that everyone is on task. But I think that I occasionally also go of task so a I told Linus that if he so me going of task that he should tell me and then he will be the one in charge of 


REFLECTION 3May 25 2016

We made this in school.I think we did a good job but a member in the group kept distracting me purposely so it made it much harder to work.I don’t want this to happen again because otherwise one person has to do more work than the others for no good reason.
Hopefully I will be able to work on space .The space animals have is inhuman.I learnt that calves that are for meat are left in tiny cages with no light and tide on the ground. They do it so that they don’t grow muscle and the meat is soft.And that free range chickens are actually all squashed up in warehouses.Free range means no cages.There are just so much more problems that I could make a never ending list of all the bad things of animal abuse.The more I search the harder it is because of all the bad things I find.This is going to be a very tough exhibition.But when I see all the bad things I feel like it’s not an option to help that feeling sorry isn’t enuf that I need to make a difference. I really hope we can make a difference to farm animal lives.
I was thinking of how to take action and if we can go to some farm in Dubai.I was thinking of maybe going to a camel farm and get food for all the camels and some how give cards to the camel farmers to say to stop being cruel there animals .


I was struggling a bit with the key concepts but soon Linus explained it all to me.I think it is going to be tuff to remember when to do my reflection. I want to do at least 4 reflection a week but at this stage I’m only doing 2 . I’m going to start doing to do lists because otherwise I will never remember. I’m very happy with the progress me and my group are doing we are all being very open minded to others ideas.

We have been communicators these last few days because we are making mide maps and sharing ideas.We have to work the next few days on our booklets which we use to write contacts,key concepts,sentral ideas etc.  

Reflections EXHIBITION 



This week is the first week of the exhibition.My group is Yuvraj and Linus.I am with them because Linus wanted to do as a topic farm animal abuse and that was pretty much what I wanted to do.I was a risk taker for being with the topic farm animal abuse because I had no idea how we could take action, I was also a risk taker by being in a group with Linus because I have never worked with him.We had to as a group decide our central agreements so I had to be very open minded to other people’s ideas.All this was much harder because Mr. David wasn’t there to guide us. We were lucky because our substitute Ms. Mangelica was very nice to me and helped out when I most needed it.
My team and I want to make a difference, to make animal live better .So it took us a while to think of something but Linus started the spark .By telling us that we can make cards that explain how to treat animals what food is best for them and why they should be treated, probably then we can send those cards to farmers. I think it’s a good idea but why would the farmers listen to some random kids they don’t even know? 

My goal for this week is to figure out how stop animal abuse.